Wednesday, July 18, 2018

What a fine point of view

Islam allows 4 wives. 

Do state benefits extend to all of them?

Well, read this to find out the answer:

Do you feel better?

Nothing like preparing for the inevitable

Here is how you prepare for such an eventuality:

1* Michelin in NYC

And it is a Chinese restaurant:

Post Brexit and possibilities

There were hopes for an EU/India Free Trade deal.

It is now an alas:

If this truly happens, then the alt hopes for India will be and India/UK Free Trade deal.

And this is something I suspect that UK would welcome.

UN Global Compact on Migration

The crux is the conditions that precipitate the mass migration of hundreds of thousands of people.

How on earth you fuzz up a Global Compact on it and expect this mass migration of hundreds of thousands of people, is a puzzle.

The result is this:

The complexity of politics

At the centre of the maelstrom is Israel:

If you can work this out, you deserve an A with +++.

Law that will out 1.8 Palestinians with Israeli Citizenship.

From its founding of Israel by Yiddish speaking people of the world in Palestine, there was a place in its citizenship for Arab speaking people.

Now it will not be so because:

The only justice that the Arab speaking have is to repatriate all Yiddish speakers back to their home countries of origin.